The guest rooms are located in the East and you will enjoy the first rays of morning sun.
They are distributed around the entrance – office where throne a superb bread oven that we found obsolete but whole.
The rooms are particularly spacious thanks to the half-timbered walls that it would have been a shame to remove.

Belliette has three guest rooms with individual bathrooms.

The Bread Room • 25 m2 + bathroom

The Jouet Room • 38 m2 + bathroom

So-named because of the old bread oven, with a double bed

“Jouet” in French means Toy ! But it’s just the name of the field where it’s located. This is also the family room comprising of 2 rooms : one with a single bed and the other one with a double bed.
In the bathroom, you will enjoy the corner bath.

2 bedrooms upstairs

The Balcony Room • 26 m2 + bathroom

The Sabret room • 21 m2 + bathroom

From the balcony, you will enjoy the view of the very special bell-tower of the old 11th century church of Cutxan.
Room with a double bed and a single one.

The Sabret room is an additional room without own bathroom. Only rent with another of the 3 guest rooms, preferentially with the Balcony Room on the same floor.

The dinning-room

It was an old “chai”, where Armagnac used to be distilled and stored.

We will serve you a traditional breakfast with our home made marmalades and cookies. If our hens agree, we will offer you fresh eggs.

We also offer dinner, if you please, with local speciality and family recipes served with wines of the region.


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